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When it opened its doors for spring semester, both the Student and University Centers welcomed the university community with a range of improved facilities and services in keeping with a new mission to guide its growth as Georgia State moves into its second century.

The department also now sports the new name Student Center, a distillation of the former name and an expression of the center’s role as a student centered environment on campus. The center’s two buildings, the Student Center and University Center, will soon take new names as well: Student Center East and Student Center West. The name changes will be implemented in stages, and more information will be shared with the campus throughout spring semester as the plan progresses.

A more tangible indication of the Student Center’s emphasis on innovation is its newly renovated Information Center.

“The larger, more inviting space has been expanded out into the Student Center atrium to make it more visible and increase the space available for services, such as the center’s growing discount ticket sales operations.”
~ Boyd Beckwith, Director of the Student Center

Discount tickets to movies, theme parks, sporting events and other local attractions are available for purchase throughout the year by students, faculty and staff at the Information Center and online. The improved Information Center features a new touch screen for wayfinding in the Student Center, as well as two screens that are the latest addition to the center’s digital signage. Implemented in early fall, the extensive digital signage network promotes events and services of the center and the Division of Student Affairs.

These enhancements are aligned with the Student Center’s new mission statement, which was refined by the center’s staff last year to focus on fostering meaningful growth opportunities that nurture an inclusive and diverse community through innovative services, programs and facilities. This goal also prompted the renaming of the Reservations Office to Event Management, with an increased emphasis on event planning support and customer service. Staff positions in the area were given new titles – event planning manager, event planning coordinator and event planning assistant coordinator – to reflect the new focus. Other new services launched in the fall 2014 semester include Campus Events’ Panthers at Woodruff Pass program, the Student Government Association’s Go Green, Save Green refillable mug initiative and Spotlight Programs Board’s creation of a Films Committee.

The Panthers at Woodruff (P.A.W.) Pass offers students a season pass to the Woodruff Arts Center and its affiliates the High Museum of Art, Alliance Theatre and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for the low price of $25. Almost 200 students have purchased passes, and sales are continuing this spring. Campus Events also continued to expand the university community’s horizons through the Distinguished Speaker Series, which hosted Alexis Ohanian, Sonia Nazario, Laura Ling and Eric Alva during fall semester.

SGA’s Go Green, Save Green initiative offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to save on refills of fountain drinks, coffee, cappuccino and hot chocolate at Georgia State food courts with a refillable Go Green mug. Students can get one free mug at the SGA office, and students, staff and faculty can purchase an unlimited number of mugs for $5 each at the Information Center. Mug holders can purchase refills for $1 for fountain drinks and $1.50 for coffee and hot chocolate through June 30, 2015.

The Spotlight Programs Board created a films committee to provide more students with the opportunity to have an active role in choosing films shown at Cinefest and other film related programming like “Campus Moviefest.” Based on three years of attendance data, Cinefest’s hours were also rescheduled to show movies only on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The new movie selections and theater rentals boosted attendance this fall more than 140 percent – to 7,450 with 226 showings in 2014 from 5,294 with 636 showings during the same period in 2013. By reducing the number of film showings, it has allowed Cinefest to be used by student organizations and departments for other programs.

For more information about Student Center programs, services or facilities, please contact our team via email or visit us online.