Georgia State & GPC Consolidation

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Division of Student Affairs
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The exciting announcement that Georgia State University will be consolidating with Georgia Perimeter College will have a substantial impact on the Division of Student Affairs. Dr. Darryl Holloman, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students and Dr. Rebecca Stout, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, are co-chairing two major subcommittees making recommendations regarding student affairs services. Each is co-chairing with a colleague from Georgia Perimeter. Dr. Holloman co-chairs with Dr. Coletta Carter, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, and Dr. Stout co-chairs her committee with Dr. Matthew Robison, Dean of Students at the Dunwoody campus. Their committees are comprised of representatives from each institution in the respective practice areas which are the focus of the committees.

“Although there are many questions and challenges associated with the consolidation of two large and complex institutions, there are many exciting possibilities for enhancing the student experience. We look forward to creating a sense of community and shared experiences across our campuses.”
~ Dr. Douglass F. Covey, Vice President for Student Affairs

The consolidated institution will be known as Georgia State University and will be under the leadership of Georgia State’s President, Dr. Mark Becker. The consolidation of student affairs services will mirror other elements of the consolidation process. As the newest college at the university, Georgia Perimeter, like the other academic colleges, will be supported by enrollment services, financial and administrative services and student affairs services under the auspices of the central administration. Dr. Douglass F. Covey, Georgia State’s Vice President for Student Affairs, continues as the institution’s chief student affairs officer. During the consolidation process, Dr. Covey will serve as the functional area coordinator (FAC) who will review recommendations from the consolidation subcommittees making recommendations in the areas of student affairs. A consolidation implementation committee, co-chaired by President Becker and Dr. Watts, Interim President of Georgia Perimeter, will in turn review recommendations from the broad array of working groups.

Decisions regarding budget, personnel, organizational structure and facilities are outside of the responsibility of the consolidation committees and are reserved for Dr. Becker.