New Foods for Thought

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The Courtyard food court in Student Center East underwent renovations over the summer to prepare for opening on August 24 of two new eateries: Burritobowl and Freshens Café and Bakery.

New to the Georgia State campus, Burritobowl will take the place of Einstein Bros. Bagels, which closed its venue in the Courtyard at the beginning of the summer. Freshens is moving to the Courtyard from the Panther Club food court in Student Center West, and Pasta Creations, a popular lunchtime spot, is moving from the Courtyard to the Panther Club. The Carving Board and Far East Fusion will remain in the Courtyard and reopen along with the new restaurants at the beginning of fall semester.

The dining changes were determined in a student-driven effort to expand the range of healthy, diverse and affordable breakfast, lunch and dinner options for Georgia State students, faculty and staff. The changes were initiated by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Student Center Advisory Council. Both groups were responsible for evaluating the Courtyard’s offerings and growth potential as part of the Student Center’s focus on meeting the unique needs of Georgia State students.

Boyd Beckwith, Student Center director and SGA advisor, said that both the SGA and the Student Center Advisory Council members were impressed with the quality of Burritobowl’s food, which they were given the opportunity to taste test, noting that Burritobowl is an affordable option offering fresh, healthy meals with the flavors of international cuisine.

Beckwith said members liked the restaurant’s price points and diverse offerings and were excited to bring something new to the Courtyard for students in the fall. Burritobowl’s menu includes antibiotic-free chicken, beef, pork and veggie burritos, rice bowls, quesadillas and salads, all of which are completely customizable without additional charges, and any rice bowl can be made as a burrito.

“Customization is going to be very appealing to students. In addition, students, faculty and staff who are here in the evenings can go to the Courtyard for both lunch and dinner and get different selections for each meal, something that was difficult to find previously.” ~ Boyd Beckwith

Several breakfast options will also be available. In addition to three breakfast burrito bowls by Burritobowl, Freshens will provide fresh-blended smoothies, including options made with sorbet and Greek yogurt, as well as baked goods such as bagels, pastries and muffins and a selection of Starbucks coffees, which are widely known and extremely popular at college campuses that also house Freshens.