Rec Center Renovations
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As 2015 came to an end, crews of workers were hard at work finalizing several large scale facility projects inside and outside of the Student Recreation Center. Some of these projects are visible while others took place behind the scenes. All of the work will have an impact on the lifespan of the building and will result in a better user experience for years to come.

The Student Recreation Center opened in August of 2001. The student fee, which funds the center, includes a portion dedicated to capital repair and replacement to cover the costs of major facility projects as the building ages.

The building is now 15 years old, and the reason this fund was put in place almost 20 years ago was to set aside dollars to do major capital improvement, which is what we are tackling now. All of these improvements will not only make the building last longer, but it will function with sustainable efforts in mind.

~ Allen Wilbanks, Assistant Director of Facilities

The maintenance projects have addressed various issues around the building stemming from over 15 years of wear and tear. The projects included sealing up the building and making it more energy efficient ($829,000); repairing areas of the aquatic center including repairing the plumbing systems in the three pools (37,850 gallon leisure pool, 204,326 gallon lap pool and 4,670 gallon whirlpool), re-plastering the surface of the lap pool and grounding ladders, poles and lights ($345,000); and installing hospital grade, mold and mildew free partitions in the men’s and women’s locker room showers ($230,000).

The Division of Student Affairs provides a wide array of services and programs designed to create and deliver student experiences that promote learning and success. Recreational Services is committed to providing outstanding facilities for students to have those experiences, and the capital repairs and maintenance projects indicate the investment in the facilities and the students.

Everything we do here is for the students. These improvements will make the building better for students for years to come.

~ Allen Wilbanks