Staff Spotlight
This past summer semester Michell Temple graduated with her doctorate in education from the University of West Georgia. Her area of study was in professional counseling and supervision, with a concentration in program evaluation and her research interest and dissertation focused on the use of best practices to design and implement cultural programs.

“Like many people, I reflect on my background and am wonderfully amazed that somehow a person that came from that has now arrived to this, the title of Dr. Temple. Like many, my journey was difficult and filled with obstacles that I had to move, breakthrough, or climb over. I am honored to say that I had a great support system in all aspects of my life because I could not have achieved this professional milestone on my own. So, in short, it feels great to finish.” ~ Michell Temple

Michell has worked at Georgia State for the past three years. She has been the Director of Disability Services for the past two years. Michell begin her career in vocational rehabilitation but quickly realized she had a passion for working with students on a college campus. Michell’s first job was at the Atlanta campus of Savannah College of Art and Design and she came to us from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Michell has a philosophy of student empowerment and advocacy. She understands the importance of supporting students, especially students with disabilities, but also realizes the significance of helping our students to be self-sufficient.

“One of my many goals in my work is to promote disability as diversity. As I believe, and research shows, that a person has the greatest opportunity to thrive when he or she embraces the multiple identities that creates oneself. My hope is that students at Georgia State embrace disability as diversity and thrive as a result!” ~ Michell Temple

A consummate professional, Michell is involved in several professional organizations. For example, she is a member of National Rehabilitation Association (NRA), National Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns (NAMRC), License Professional Counselor Association of Georgia (LPCA-GA), the American Evaluation Association (AEA), and the Georgia Association of Higher Education and Disability (GA-AHEAD). This past semester, Michell was awarded the Joyce Keener Meritorious Service Award. The award is given through NAMRC for continuous and loyal service to the association. The significance of this award is that the service must be demonstrated at the national, state and local levels.